Stunt To Win KBC Play Along

One of the most well known show on Sony television “Kaun banega crorepati” began on 28th august supported by Jio infocomm. This time show group of spectators can draw in with show more than ever, KBC and Jio has propelled a stage empowering “jio” clients to play KBC live before their Televisions. By responding to all of inquiries effectively, at that point you can win costs worth of comes up short on that too sitting at agreeable love seats.

Open the application and auto login with your jio number kbc helpline number

Pick Jio KBC Play Along channel.

Acknowledge Terms and Conditions.

Arrange your profile name, favored language.

Presently, you as crowd can play KBC alongside the real contenders on the game to acquire focuses and remunerates.

So before we reveal that extreme stunt to win kbc play along and answer each question accurately. It is worth to put in almost no time investigating rules to ensure you never get precluded throughout the game.

KBC play along rules :-

KBC play along can be played on Monday to Friday from 9pm till 10:30pm.

Inquiry posed during the show shows up on the portable screens of the player and they get 15-30 seconds to address questions.

Just secured answers are considered in the game. try to squeeze “lock it down” fasten after each answer.

There will be no life saver accessible to play along players.

More focuses on one day more will be the odds of winning.

Each play along competitor will get 5GB of JIO information and 300 rupees off on ajio application on an acquisition of in excess of 999 rupees.


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For getting everything about right and winning high worth costs you can utilize this extreme stunt to win KBC play along, yet ensure the stunt is against kbc play along strategies despite the fact that there are no calculations to distinguish whether you are utilizing this stunt or not.

Android PDAs one of them must have a jio sim and jio visit application on this telephone the dynamic session of the game is opened. other telephone can even be a 3g or more established cell phone however it must have wifi in it

An OTG link is required for this stunt to work. on the off chance that you don’t have one, you can purchase from nearby portable stores. Generally these expense anyplace between 50 – 100 rupees.

You likewise need a console for quicker composing rate. Any console like the one accompanied you PC will take care of business effectively. On the off chance that you don’t have one you can take on of your companions or neighbors.

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