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Coffe-shop in Lyon: the supervisor captured

Recently, another case has blended the canvas. A coffe-shop of Lyon presents itself as “the primary French merchant of gathering seeds”. Opened in June, this business won’t succeed for quite a while.

Tuesday, October 16 last, the cbd france of the store is captured by the police. Definitely known to the police for opiates offenses, the man faces difficult issues: 60 grams of cannabis herbs were found in his shop.

A couple of kilometers away, at his home, the police went from shock to amaze: they found an arrangement of development of cannabis , yet in addition in excess of 8 kilograms of grass in culture and 1 kg of dried grass. The directors of bistro providers were additionally captured.

At home, the record is the equivalent: arrangement of development of cannabis, sachets, scales, planned to sell opiates.The three men are in danger: as long as five years in jail and a huge fine for the ownership and clearance of opiates.

Green-Heaven will revive

You have likely known about it. Toward the part of the bargain, Heaven opened its entryways in Bordeaux, before shutting, just three weeks after its opening. The administration couple had been prosecuted for ownership and move of opiates.

Some time later, the proprietors got uplifting news: the measure disallowing them any exchange of planning “with herbs” was raised by the room of the guidance. Vendors will in this way have the option to keep selling items containing CBD , yet no more blossoms or items containing THC.

What does the state say?

The Minister of Health, Agn├Ęs Buzyn , has not spoken as of late about the CBD.

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